Sunday, October 10, 2010

Secrets in finding your dream job

Looking for your dream job, get ready to find it and be careful what you
wish for.

Some say this techniques works like magic in finding your dream job. Try them, and give this author your feedback on how well it worked for you.

Back in 1992, during the last economic downsizing, this author discovered many valuable career hunting secrets by volunteering at several faith based initiative job networks in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an synergistic setting, for the community had several major churches where programs were set up to assist people with their career search. Public meetings were held several times a week to help the job seeker by teaching them good job hunting skills. On Monday job search meetings were held in a Catholic church, on Tuesday a Presbyterian church and on Wednesday a Methodist Church. By volunteering, this author learned some very effective job search techniques that have worked well for others and can work well for you too.


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