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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Expanding horizons for call center workers.

Call center workers no longer have to be dependent on their local economy, if they consider working remotely. Online work opportunities are constantly opening up for employees and independent contractors to work from their home location.

Due to the popularity of high speed internet, cloud application and advances with new technologies such as Voice Over Internet(VOIP), workers can make a comfortable  living from their own home based office. Known in the employment marketplace as "remote workers" this type of employment is offering many tangible benefits to both the employer and employee.

Virtual work environments offered through cloud technology enable employers the ability to find and retain higher skilled employees.  In addition to adopting this paradigm assists the employer in achieving independence from energy blackouts and brownouts due to various circumstances such as adverse weather conditions. Lower operating costs can be achieved with heating bills, rents and the typical overhead costs associated with bricks and mortar call centers. The savings in fuel consumption from the employee's daily commute to and from a workplace is also substantial and can be factored in when determining wage levels.

Benefits to the employee are numerous with not only reduced commuting costs and extra time at home
but the isolation from typical work environments means less exposure with communicable health issues such as colds,flu resulting in less sick time. A savvy job seeker or a employed worker wishing to expand their horizons would do well to educate themselves on this technology.

Enabling a workforce to work remotely requires several integrated computer applications called a cloud based Call Center system. These apps enable agents to communicate with one another and the customer effectively. The system also allows the generation of reports to supervisory staff to indicate that their agents are working effectively.

There are a number of proprietary application software call center software including Incontact, Northwinds Contact Solutions, IFbyphone, Contactual, Five9, Liveops, Genesys, Aspect, Avaya, Angelcom, Evo Dialer. Incontact that is typical of the aforementioned applications utilizes voice over the internet (VOIP) technology thus removing the expense of long distance phone charges. Numerous other benefits are achieved including the ease of handling of increased call volume, reduced on-hold times, decreased after call follow-up durations, easy transfer of calls to other agents and switching easily from inbound to outbound calls.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The 3 Pillars of Successful Lead Generation

Whether you are looking for a new job or making that sale, picking
up skills in lead generation is a worthy endeavor to learn. Information
is power and it is the right information that will enable one
person to find that perfect job and another who may be equally
qualified in not finding it.

This series of articles will deal with the topic of lead generation
from tapping into the sources to find that right information, to processing
that data to using the information to achieve the results you are looking for.

Quite simply these stories wll be layed out in the universal computer
formulae of Input, Processing and Output.

In this rapidly changing economy this series articles will look at
places where the optimun information can be found via the internet, public
record information to hard copy journals and newspapers. To give the reader
that competitive edge whether they are find a new career or landing the sale.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Write to Success

There is a saying that goes that "The queen of all science is physics". I will borrow that and say that "That the queen of all interests is writing". One must have a deep appreciation for an interest in order to write about it. The writer gets much satisfaction out of researching their interests to obtain more expertize in their field.

Writing is more than informing the reader. It is a journey for the writer.
The journey involves many curves, mind disciplines, new relationships and
produces other surprises along the way.

Open any book and the first page acknowledges others who assisted in producing the book. Many times the author dedicates the book to the people who assisted them.

To assist you with your writing aspirations it is important to find other like-
minded writers. One such group is the Nonfiction Writers Circle. A place where newbie writers can meet other more seasoned writers and get free a mentorship.

Carpe Diem, cease the moment and research and write your favorite topic.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finding your dream job: Secret 1 "Write It Down"

At one of these job networks, a class called Focus was held to teach job seekers the skills to focus on what they wanted in their next dream job. The class instructor Cindy said it was her last day teaching this class because she had found exactly the job she was looking for with this technique and she said it was uncanny because the previous instructor had found a job that was a close match that way too. The lesson in finding the most perfect job went like this.

Take a sheet of paper, a notebook or personal journal and write down everything you would like in your next job. Everything! including the income you want to make, your job duties, the tools you want to work with, the attire you want to work in, the type of people you want to work with, the person you'll work for, the industry you want, the hours and days you want to work and any other detail you can think of. After this lesson Cindy said she got all but one of the things on her list, and she said that was for a reason she had not considered. She said it was uncanny because the previous instructor got exactly what he asked for too after this lesson. The church job network had difficulty keeping instructors for this class because this lesson resulted in the instructors finding their perfect job.

One cannot over-analyze why this technique works so well. Maybe it works because writing it down creates the reality for the future, or maybe because these instructors were helping others they were depositing some kind of goodwill into some cosmic account which would return even more goodwill to them. Ancient wisdom from many religious schools of thought teach golden rules that we can apply to our daily lives; like "what goes around comes around", "give and it shall be given unto you" and even "thoughts become things."

But give it a try and leave your comments here.

Secrets in finding your dream job

Looking for your dream job, get ready to find it and be careful what you
wish for.

Some say this techniques works like magic in finding your dream job. Try them, and give this author your feedback on how well it worked for you.

Back in 1992, during the last economic downsizing, this author discovered many valuable career hunting secrets by volunteering at several faith based initiative job networks in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an synergistic setting, for the community had several major churches where programs were set up to assist people with their career search. Public meetings were held several times a week to help the job seeker by teaching them good job hunting skills. On Monday job search meetings were held in a Catholic church, on Tuesday a Presbyterian church and on Wednesday a Methodist Church. By volunteering, this author learned some very effective job search techniques that have worked well for others and can work well for you too.