Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Expanding horizons for call center workers.

Call center workers no longer have to be dependent on their local economy, if they consider working remotely. Online work opportunities are constantly opening up for employees and independent contractors to work from their home location.

Due to the popularity of high speed internet, cloud application and advances with new technologies such as Voice Over Internet(VOIP), workers can make a comfortable  living from their own home based office. Known in the employment marketplace as "remote workers" this type of employment is offering many tangible benefits to both the employer and employee.

Virtual work environments offered through cloud technology enable employers the ability to find and retain higher skilled employees.  In addition to adopting this paradigm assists the employer in achieving independence from energy blackouts and brownouts due to various circumstances such as adverse weather conditions. Lower operating costs can be achieved with heating bills, rents and the typical overhead costs associated with bricks and mortar call centers. The savings in fuel consumption from the employee's daily commute to and from a workplace is also substantial and can be factored in when determining wage levels.

Benefits to the employee are numerous with not only reduced commuting costs and extra time at home
but the isolation from typical work environments means less exposure with communicable health issues such as colds,flu resulting in less sick time. A savvy job seeker or a employed worker wishing to expand their horizons would do well to educate themselves on this technology.

Enabling a workforce to work remotely requires several integrated computer applications called a cloud based Call Center system. These apps enable agents to communicate with one another and the customer effectively. The system also allows the generation of reports to supervisory staff to indicate that their agents are working effectively.

There are a number of proprietary application software call center software including Incontact, Northwinds Contact Solutions, IFbyphone, Contactual, Five9, Liveops, Genesys, Aspect, Avaya, Angelcom, Evo Dialer. Incontact that is typical of the aforementioned applications utilizes voice over the internet (VOIP) technology thus removing the expense of long distance phone charges. Numerous other benefits are achieved including the ease of handling of increased call volume, reduced on-hold times, decreased after call follow-up durations, easy transfer of calls to other agents and switching easily from inbound to outbound calls.

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