Monday, August 8, 2011

The 3 PIllars of Successful B2B Lead Generation

Whether you looking for a new client or making a sale, picking up skills in lead generation is a worthy endeavor. Information is power and it is the right information at the right time that will enable one company to close the sale and another who loses that new business because they were unaware of it. Remember "Smart is the New Rich."

This series of articles will deal with the topic of B2B lead generation from tapping into the best sources to discover hot lead info to processing the data so it results in closing more sales. We will look not only at the tried and tested methods but also new techniques in Social Media and Search Engine Optimization.

Quite simply put, these stories wll be layed out in the universal computer formula of Input, Processing and Output.

Because of our rapidly changing global economy this series articles will look at places where the optimun information can be found via public record information, hard copy journals, newspapers and of course the internet. The focus of these articles is to give the reader that competitive edge in whatever business niche they are in our global economy.

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