Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sources for B2B Lead Information: News Flash - Fresh off the Press

So you need fresh B2B leads that turn into sales like yesterday. Well we can't turn back the hands of time but we can find fresh leads by turning to the news.

There are many sources where relevant information can be turned into good B2B lead information. Our survey to the left of your screen with this blog suggests a few and asks you, the reader, to answer which ones you find the most meaningful.

Let's look at economic news items first, as they require the least amount of effort and the most cost effective to obtain. Since I live and work in the sunny state of Florida I have posted some sources here that I am tracking. Click these links and review the news items.

1) Enterprise Florida  Check out the multiple B2B leads here. See anything you can use?

2) Federal Funds being used for Small Business in Florida in this Florida Today story This item
will require some followup. Like a fine wine it will take some time to mature. But it follows
an important B2B principle, "follow the money and you follow the demand for new business
products and services."

Of course it may be at first appearance many of these news items may seem to be of no practical value to you right now. But hold on, in the next posting I show you how you can take this info and cash it in for some fresh B2B leads that you can use. Worthwhile B2B Lead Generation needs to be seen as a series of processes for the Input stage to the final product of closing a new sale.

I challenge you, try it and post sources of economic news items you find to a comment here and we will take this to the next level.


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