Sunday, November 21, 2010

Write to Success

There is a saying that goes that "The queen of all science is physics". I will borrow that and say that "That the queen of all interests is writing". One must have a deep appreciation for an interest in order to write about it. The writer gets much satisfaction out of researching their interests to obtain more expertize in their field.

Writing is more than informing the reader. It is a journey for the writer.
The journey involves many curves, mind disciplines, new relationships and
produces other surprises along the way.

Open any book and the first page acknowledges others who assisted in producing the book. Many times the author dedicates the book to the people who assisted them.

To assist you with your writing aspirations it is important to find other like-
minded writers. One such group is the Nonfiction Writers Circle. A place where newbie writers can meet other more seasoned writers and get free a mentorship.

Carpe Diem, cease the moment and research and write your favorite topic.


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